Specialized Allez Sprint frameset in store, limited sizes

Each year, the designers at Specialized look to outfit their racers with limited edition Allez track bikes. This year, the design was inspired by the process and design of the BMW art car series with a composition made by puzzle-pieced decals on top of the frame’s paint as a collaboration with Rocket Espresso, the team’s co-sponsor.

This process makes these uniquely-designed bikes production-ready, unlike previous versions of the RHC Allez race frames. If you’re looking to acquire one of these, the bad news is the track frames are for the athletes only, but there will be 300 road frames available in July.


  1. Charl Liebenberg | | Reply

    How much will the Red Hook crit Allez grander cost?

    • support_3pc7my3g | | Reply

      Hi Charl, The Frameset is $1500, thank you

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