Assos T NeoPro S7 Bib Shorts

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The new entry-level shorts from Assos, the T NeoPro S7, are attractively priced and feature a regular, all-around fit.

They use the exact same high quality materials and technologies as the higher levels, but they have a simpler construction. In what way? Well, they focus on the essentials, and despite missing a few of the higher end details, they are plenty good enough for most applications.

T NeoPro is the spiritual successor of the Uno S5, just better, offering less weight and more performance. Simply an amazing pair of bib shorts!

Golden Gate Technology:
The incredible results of the S7 design are the sum of many small steps, but the core innovation of the S7 is the patented Golden Gate. Before the S7, all cycling shorts inserts were fixed in position by either sewing or gluing all the way around the insert. Golden Gate is different though.

The stitching that holds Golden Gate in place is interrupted in the area between the legs, allowing three-dimensional freedom of movement in this critical, and very sensitive, rotational area. Golden Gate’s unique seamless design minimizes friction, maximizing comfort. Patent protected, beware imitations.
• For frequent riders
• Ideally suited for your daily lunchtime ride
• The shorts you should start off with to enter the ASSOS total comfort universe
• Regular fit
• 70% Polyamide
• 18% Elastane
• 12% Polyester