Fulcrum Racing 7 LG Wheelset

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Fulcrum Racing 7 LG: the entry level on Fulcrum's catalogue with a high-performance pedigree. 

Characteristics such as the oversized flange or the spoke Dynamic Balance are high-range typical tech specs. 

The improved performance with the addiction of the new 17C rim have been reached without weight the weight increasing. 

Excellent performance at a entry level price, this was the goal of our engineers.

    F.I.C. Fulcrum Identification Card

    • Fulcrum supplies each wheel with its own Identity Card (ID) which uniquely identifies the wheel and certifies that it has been manually assembled and has passed all tests required by the strict quality protocol. The F.I.C. ensures that you have bought a genuine Fulcrum product.
    Why a 17C larger rim? 
    Rim’s wider section lets the tire have a greater contact area with the ground 
    The contact-area between tire and asphalt increases considering the same tire – width. For example, a 23mm tire on a 17C rim has a contact section similar to a 24mm tire: the smallest tire weights less but assure a grip really similar to the wider size. 
    Increased lateral stiffness thanks the greater section of the rim, that increases the moment of lateral inertia 
    Every rim’s sections’ thickness have been studied and calibrated to maintain the weight stable despite the greater section. This means a complete optimization of the structure.  
    Benefits Of The New Racing 7 LG
    • Better comfort 
    • Better grip 
    • Less tire consumption 


    • Weight 1750 grams
      • Front Wheel: 815 grams
      • Rear Wheel: 935 grams
    • Spoke Count
      • Front: 18 spokes stainless steel burnished round Ø 2 mm 
      • Rear: 10 stainless steel spokes (driver side) + 10 steel spokes (left side) black round Ø 2 mm 
    • HUB
      • Front: New black anodized hub with adjustable bearings and steel axle – 18 slots for straight pull spokes 
      • Rear: New black anodized hub with adjustable bearings and alloy axle – 10 slots for straight pull spokes left side – 10 slots straight pull driver side oversize flange
    • Compatibility
      • Shimano 8/9/10/11 speed version
      • Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed version