Bont Riot TR+ MicroFibre Triathlon Shoes Pearl White/Black

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The search for the most technically advanced, entry level triathlon shoe is over. Bont Riot TR+ MicroFibre Triathlon Shoes combine Pro-Series technical features like Bont's Power Transfer Platform and anatomical shaping with competition-grade materials to produce the finest value footwear for the best possible price. You'll never know how it feels to be wearing the world's only carbon-composite, heat-moldable, entry-level triathlon shoe in a competitive event until you own a pair of Bont Riot TR+ MicroFibre Triathlon Shoes. Why wait. Buy them today. Win tomorrow.

Perfectly Utilised Microfibre Upper
A microfibre upper is used to the utmost in optimal purpose to provide the BONT Riot with an outer layer strong enough to withstand the rigours of everyday cycling. Mesh inserts assist with the breathability of the cycling shoes for foot comfort.

Heat Moulding
BONT cycling shoes are the most heat-moldable shoes available. BONT's proprietary resin has been developed and perfected over 36 years to be an extremely stiff resin which becomes pliable at relatively low temperatures. Unlike other shoes which are moldable only in select locations, all BONT cycling shoes are able to be molded over the entire chassis providing the cyclist with, not only, the most anatomically designed cycling shoe on the market today, but also with the ability to fine-tune the fit of the entire shoe to give a customised fit.

Anatomical Forefoot Shaping
Conventional cycling shoes offer a "dress shoe" type shaping. Although very pleasing to the eye, this will cause the toes along with the metatarsals to be overly constricted, compressing the nerves between the metatarsals. This very often results in the common "hot foot" sensation. BONT cycling shoes anatomical shaping allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position. The foot is supported in its endeavour to relax through the metatarsal joints allowing the pedalling force to be spread across the greatest possible surface area.

Shoe Sizing Wizard
The best way to find out what BONT size you are is to try the shoes on. But if you are unable to do this, please look up the BONT step-by-step Sizing Wizard on their web site to ensure you get the size which is right for you.

Box Contents
1 x pair Bont Riot TR+ MicroFibre Triathlon Shoes
1 x Drawstring shoe bag
• Bont Riot TR+ entry level Triathlon shoe
• Carbon-composite construction
• Fully heat-moldable utilising Thermoset Resin
• Power Transfer Platform
• Anatomical foot shaping
• Well ventilated through mesh panels
• Competition-grade materials
• Protective front bumpers (super-light TPU)
• Strong microfibre upper for wear-resistant outer layer
• Rubber heel pads are replaceable
• Nylon BONT-branded cycling shoe bag included

• Model: Riot TR+
• Material: Carbon composite construction with microfibre upper
• Stack Height: 4.8 mm
• Air Vents: Ventilations holes through mesh inserts
• Innersole: Comfort
• Sole Guards: Replaceable
• Cleat Mounting: 3 Hole Look configuration
• Fit Customisation: Fully heat-moldable chassis utilising Thermoset Resin
• Shoe Closure: Independent double Velcro closure
• Weight: 230 grams (size dependant)
• Colour: Pearl White/Black
• Sizing: Standard