Coros Frontier Smart Road Helmet

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The Coros Frontier Helmet is a truly terrific piece of headwear. It's basically a 'smart' helmet, which has in-built speakers that wirelessly transmit data from your phone and into your ears, and can be controlled by a little remote that sits neatly on your bars. What is also neat about this particular aspect of the helmet is the bone conduction speaker. What this means is that the sound does not travel directly into your ears i.e. via headphones, but rather is sent to you through your skull. Though this sounds strange, it's wonderful, and because your ears are free from buds, its biggest benefit is that it doesn't cancel out the incredibly important sounds coming from behind you, like cars, sirens or another cyclist yelling, “Bike back!.. Hey, nice Helmet!”

The helmet itself is a performance road cycling helmet with a high speed, low drag aerodynamic design, and has proper airflow vent cooling and a soft glossy finish. It has comfortable foam strip lining, and dynamic fitting via their ratchet system for extended wearing. It's also handy to know that the onboard technologies are all weather (rain, water, splash and sweat resistant).

Bone Conduction Speaker and Wind Resistant Microphone
By having high quality bone conduction speakers and a wind resistant microphone, you are still fully aware of hazards around you, like cars or other cyclists.

Phone Calling, Music and Podcasts
You can easily answer a phone call which might be important to you through the smart remote mounted to your bike handlebar, or you can enjoy the music and podcasts you like whilst safely riding.

Voice Navigation
We all like getting lost somewhere. Packing up and going for an aimless ride can often yield terrific new discoveries. We also however, hate having to constantly stop to look at a map or our phones to keep ourselves on the right track home. Thanks to the Cronos Voice Navigation Technology, getting home is easy and hands free.

You can top all of this off by getting yourself an app to manage your GPS ride details, routes, leaderboards and voice navigation.

• SOS emergency alert via G-sensor
• Comfortable foam strip lining, and dynamic fitting via ratchet system for extended wearing
• All Weather: Rain, Water, Splash, Sweat resistant
• Material: Polycarbonate Shell With EPS Impact Foam
• Ventilation: Aerodynamic Optimised, 15 Vents
• Speaker Type: Bone Conduction
• Speaker Sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB
• Frequency Response: 100Hz—20KHz
• Microphone: Wind Resistant, Top Mounted
• Battery: Rechargeable Lithium with 10+ hours play & talk time
• Indicator: LED for Operation, Charge, Low Battery
• Compatibility: iOS, and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0
• Australia and NZ Standard Certified AS/NZS 2063:2008
• Smart Helmet, Smart Remote and Mount, USB charge cable, Helmet bag, Reflective safety decals, Manual
• Weight: 405g (Medium)