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Crono CX Cage & Aero Bottle 500ml Fibreglass

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Take every opportunity to gain an aero advantage, with the Elite Crono CX Fiberglass Cage + Aero Bottle.

Looking for that extra edge during time trials? Elite's Crono CX  cage and aero bottle kit gives you an advantage thanks to superior aerodynamics and low weight.

The Crono CX kit comes in at a scant 89 grams due to the construction of the cage, while dimples on the surface of the bottle aid in smoothing air flow, which equates to an aerodynamic advantage, regardless of the distance you'll be competing.

The Jossa membrane cap works well in all conditions and you won't be left struggling with caps that can close when you need them open. It fully disassembles for easy cleaning and liquid comes out when on unlock and only when you squeeze.

Designed to work seamlessly together, this kit is perfect for time trial bikes and whenever you need maximum aero advantage. It's the successor to the world championship-winning TT kit, the Crono CX cage and aero bottle is fully UCI legal for use in sanctioned time trials as well as triathlons.


Fully UCI legal for use in sanctioned time trials as well as triathlons

Unique bottle surface pattern developed and wind-tunnel tested to maximise air penetration

Jossa membrane cap for fast and easy drinking in race conditions

Fiberglass cage holds the bottle close to the frame for optimum aerodynamic performance and low weight

  • Weight: 98g
  • Capacity: 500ml
  • Bottle cage with monocoque fibre-reinforced (FRP) material structureBottle with exclusive surface designed to maximise air penetration, and cap with membrane technology
  • Complies with UCI regulation
  • Supplied with fiberglass bottle cage