Joe's No-Flats 125mL Eco Nano Lube For Dry Conditions

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If your chain is constantly exposed to dirt and dust it will need regular maintenance to keep it running well. That's why you should always keep a bottle of Joe's No-Flats Eco Nano Lube handy when carrying out any type of maintenance on your drive-train. Failure to do so can result in unnecessary friction and rust on the chain, greater wear & tear on the drive-train and inevitably a noticeable reduction of performance when cycling. If you're at your performance best in dry weather you'll really appreciate the ability of this product to provide extremely smooth and quiet gear shifting by coating your chain and drive train with a thin layer of environmentally-friendly Wax and Teflon for decreased friction and wear. Joe’s Eco Nano Dry Lube repels dust and dirt with no greasy build-up thereby resulting in a longer than expected performance life from your bikes' hardest working components.

• Scientifically developed for long distance cycling in DRY, DUSTY conditions
• VOC free, user-friendly, environmentally-friendly Wax and Teflon
• Coats chain and drive-train with a thin layer of PTFE (Teflon) for decreased friction and wear
• Contains billions of Nano spherical particles acting as endless ball bearings
• Provides extremely smooth and quiet gear shifting
• Tribofilm technology provides state-of-the-art, longer-lasting lubrication
• Repels dust and dirt with no greasy build-up on chain and pulleys
• Leaves drive-train parts dry (dust and dirt free)
• Prevents chain suction
• Slow penetration long lasting performance in extreme conditions
• Carbon, plastic and rubber friendly
• Keeps bike chain cleaner than other conventional lubes
• Components: Wax and TEFLON (environmentally friendly)
• Bottle size: 100mL | 3.4 oz
• Suits: Dry, dusty conditions
• Suitable for use on: Chains | Cables | Derailleurs | All drive-train & friction points