MegaBake Mix 12-Pack Box

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A box of 12 of the finest energy bars from the bakers at Megabake Kitchens, and you choose the adventure as you decide the mix of Witch Eater, Art of Suffering and Locker of Courage bars.

Witch Eater: Here the bakers at Megabake Kitchens have created a beast of a bar that outperforms everything else; it is the ultimate endurance bar.

Art of Suffering: Unmatched as a high protein recovery bar that does not use highly processed protein isolates, and as an all-natural energy bar using only ingredients known to be gentle on sensitive stomachs.

Locker of Courage: Packing massive, balanced energy derived from only ingredients known to be gut-friendly, this is endurance fuel at its finest. Open the door of your Locker of Courage and go long, go fast, go hard.

And they are all delicious, so very, very delicious.