Technogym MYCYCLING Trainer

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For the first time ever, MYCYCLING, the innovative indoor cycle training product, introduces TNT™ (Technogym Neuromuscular Training™), the Technogym-patented system that will enable you to improve the qualities that you need when cycling on the road.With sessions lasting between just 40 and 70 minutes, TNT continuously varies pedalling cadence and power, changing the way you train forever.

Greater accomplishments on two wheels can only be obtained with body and mind working perfectly in tune, prepared to withstand any effort. Such a condition is only accessible to the elite of individuals who shape their physical form with the utmost control.

It doesn’t just happen by chance: method and effort get you there. That’s why we developed the ultimate training tool based on your power threshold. We offer you a direct line with professional coaches for more training advice. MYCYCLING also gives you the most precise feedback on your pedalling style to improve it day after day.
MYCYCLING makes indoor training what it should have always been: not just mimicking the outside world on rainy days, but strengthening your performance with a virtual coach by your side, stretching your limits every day. It has been developed together with athletes to make you become one.
Cut the noise. Saddle up. Get results.