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Tyre Repair

  • $59.95

    Carbon Racer - Tubeless Repair Kit


    LOOKING FOR THE "ULTRALITEST" TUBELESS TYRE PLUGGER IN THE WORLD? Dynaplug® holds the prize! Without a doubt, this Carbon Racer tool is the optimal...

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  • $64.95
  • $5.95

    Bike Tube Puncture Repair Kit


    This Velox bicycle puncture repair kit comes supplied with: 2 Medium Patches 4 Small Patches Rubber Cement Abrasion Pad Tyre Levers

  • $74.95

    Micro Pro - Tubeless Repair Kit


    The Dynaplug Micro Pro is crafted for the scale of a puncture repair in a tubeless bicycle tyre. The reduced force needed to repair a bicycle tyre ...

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  • $39.95

    Carbon Ultra-Lite - Tubeless Repair Kit


    The Carbon Ultralite edition is recommended for repairing the tread of tires on two-wheeled and off-road vehicles like motorcycles, scooters and AT...

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  • $19.95